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Apply for jobs at Lowes by visiting the official careers site, conducting yuour own research about the company, and applying through their easy-to-follow system.Before you apply for jobs at Lowes, it’s wise to research the official careers website so you could get acquainted with the company itself as well as how it operates. A big mistake many job applicants make is to neglect taking the time to figure out what their strengths, training, and qualifications are before they apply and they end up not making a convincing impression during the job interview. The more you know about any company, including this one, the more confident you will feel when you are answering the toughest questions during the interview process.

Take some time to look at the many opportunities available to you before settling on your job at Lowes and check out the benefits offered and how and who can qualify for these benefits.

Here are some of the jobs at Lowes you may want to consider:

Lowe’s Store Opportunities

Sales specialist – in this position you will be helping customers with specialty items through your presentations and product knowledge.

Customer service – with this hourly job, you are the first point of contact when a customer walks in the store. The customer service representative at Lowe’s is usually the first face a customer sees. Your job is to offer the customer the best shopping experience possible by being friendly and knowledgeable through your acquired training. Entry-level workers with no experience are encouraged to apply for jobs at Lowes for these positions.

Loss prevention – this is a security position, often times in plainclothes, so you can protect customers, employees and the company assets.

Store manager – this position is obviously the most crucial jobs at Lowes stores as you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of your store, ensuring profitability of your particular store, helping employees achieve their true potential, and you will have a hand in the hiring and firing of employees.

Lowes Corporate Jobs

Lowes has two corporate facilities; one in Mooresville, North Carolina and the other in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

If you want to apply for jobs at Lowes in the corporate division, here are some of the available opportunities:

  • finance and accounting
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • information technology
  • legal
  • corporate affairs & facilities
  • contact center
  • real estate and engineering
  • store operations support
  • specialty sales
  • merchandising
  • business development
  • supply chain and transportation

Lowes Distribution Center Jobs

Team Member

In this hourly job at Lowes, you have to be able to work a flexible schedule in their 24 hour facilities and you must be able to lift 70 lbs.

The minimum age to work at Lowes distribution center is 18 and one of the important requirements they will be looking at is whether or not you have a stable work history. They also prefer job applicants who have at least a little forklift experience.

Jobs at Lowes in Distribution Management

The management teams assembled by Lowes for this division are in charge of using their leadership skills to ensure company goals are met while coordinating the combined efforts of all distribution center staff members.

Lowes’ management distribution center jobs are:

  • human resources
  • maintenance
  • transportation
  • operations

An interesting fact difficult to ignore is that Lowe’s shows true commitment and appreciation for military veterans. In fact, over 14,000 of these U.S. veterans are employed at Lowe’s in various capacities, from retail to customer support to management.

Lowes also offers a summer intern program to undergraduate and graduate students so they can have the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful Fortune 50 retail business. These internship programs provide competitive compensation, employee discounts, the opportunity to attend various networking events, and even an internship mentor who can help them develop their career along the way.

Part-Time Jobs at Lowes

You can get a job at Lowes working part-time and enjoy many benefits that other companies cannot match. For example, after 180 days of service, you can collect 40 hours of vacation time. It doesn’t stop there. After five years of service working part-time, you will collect 60 hours of vacation and after 15 years of service, you can expect 80 hours.

At the time you are hired, unlike most other companies, you will also qualify for a limited benefit your health plan, vision care, a dental plan, term life insurance, and short-term disability.

Apply for jobs at Lowes here.

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